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Providing independent and specialist advice

As an investor or executive in an airline, airport, government, or service business, you will benefit significantly from our real world aviation insight and expertise, to position your business for greater sustainability and success.

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Our Experience

  • Our history

  • Formed as a company in 2011, Eagle Aviation Consulting Limited is a New Zealand based independent aviation consulting firm specialising in commercial aviation solutions for both airline and aviation clients including governments and non-governmental organisations.

    As a result of its remote geographical location and diverse terrain, New Zealand has developed a very mature Aviation industry with superior support capabilities.

  • Clients

    • Airline Start-ups


      Civil Aviation Authorities

      Cargo Operators

      Customer Service Delivery

    • Aircraft Manufacturers


      Airline IT systems


      CRM systems

    • Investors

      Aircraft Leasing

      Transportation Agencies

      Ground Handling